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Flax seed extract is a genus of approximately 200 spicies in the flowering plant family Linaceae. They are native to temperate and subtropical regions of the word. The genus includes the common flax (L. usitatissimum), the best fibre of which is used to produce linen and the seeds to produce linseed oil. Flax is grown both for its seeds and for its fiber. Flax is an erect annual plant growing to 1.2 m (3 ft 11 in) tall, with slender stems. The leaves are glaucous green, slender lanceolate, 20–40 mm long and 3 mm broad. The flowers are pure pale blue, 15–25 mm diameter, with five petals; they can also be bright red.
Common Names of Flax Seeds : Jawas, Alshi
Botanical Names of Flax Seed : Linum,usitatissimum 

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